With over 13 years of experience in the advertising industry, I thrive on guiding teams to solve any creative challenges that arise. I am focused on providing effective solutions, ensuring a hands-on approach, delivering on time. My extensive background includes working with global brands and presenting to diverse audiences from around the world.

Art Direction

Are you seeking support with concepts, look development, branding, or impactful presentation design? I help you stand out by creating visually captivating storytelling that engages audiences worldwide. If you're looking for an experienced Senior Art Director who seamlessly jumps into an upcoming production (even at the last minute), I can take full responsibility from concept ideation to final delivery.


Do you have a compelling story to tell, but lack exceptional visuals to bring it to life? As a passionate Illustrator for over 15 years, I offer my support to your project by creating unique illustrations in a wide range of styles, both analog and digital.


If your project is progressing smoothly but you find yourself stuck on a specific decision, in need of creative production expertise or seeking a fresh perspective, just send me an email and let´s jump on a quick call.

Reach out and let's start the conversation about your creative needs.